Friday, 21 June 2013

A couple of Lakes - Part II

The next lake I tackled was actually a combination of three different lakes which are linked together:  McCarrel Lake, Diamond Lake and Cloudy Lake.  The lakes are about 40 minutes East of Sault Ste Marie and the drive through Sylvan Valley is very scenic.  This area is also excellent for cycling.

Drive to Echo Bay and then take Hwy 638.  Make a right onto Gordon Lake Rd.  Another right onto Diamond Lake Rd, drive about 3 km and the boat launch will be on your left.  It is well marked and designated as a public boat launch and picnic area.

A leisurely paddle of the perimeter of all three lakes took almost 4 hours and covered a distance of almost 20 km.

Keep your eye out for a really neat rock face on the East side of Cloudy Lake (this is the lake in the middle which is not labelled on the above map.)  Makes for a nice spot to do some rock jumping!  In the summer on hot days it is not uncommon to see kids hanging out here.

There is a dam at the western tip of McCarrel Lake where you can get out of your kayak and stretch your legs.  The north shore of McCarrel lake and East shore of Cloudy lake had appeared to have some interesting underwater rock ledges and looked like they would be a cool place to snorkel.

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